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Solar panels are an excellent source of renewable energy for both homes and commercial businesses, especially here in sunny Las Vegas. Whether you are looking for solar panel installation for money savings or as an environmental choice, GVS Construction can help you from start to finish. We have a long history in solar panels for homes and commercial applications.


Commercial Solar Panels: The Local Experts

Solar energy is becoming a popular choice in our area and GVS Construction can help get you started on your solar energy journey. Our company has become a reputable supplier of solar panels by earning the most advanced solar license available in Las Vegas, NV (C2G NV #83309). You can count on us to install your solar panels with precision and care including customization of your solar panel design to make sure each panel captures the most sunlight possible.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Installation in Las VegasEvery project has its challenges and solar panels are no exception. Whether your roof has a unique slope or needs customized installation to capture as much solar energy as possible, GVS Construction will find the best solution for you. We can determine if your home or building is a good candidate for solar panels and how many panels will give you the best return. Let our experts and experience create the best design for you.


Everyone is curious about solar panels, we have the answers

We’re sure you’ve heard about solar panels or seen them in our area. There are many misconceptions about the cost, unknowns and possible negatives. GVS Construction has many satisfied home and business owners that are happy they made the leap to renewable energy. And many of our customers are saving money on their energy bills. Let us be your expert with any questions you have and give you a free estimate. You’ll only know if you ask!


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