Solar, Commercial Solar Panels, Solar Installation, and Renewable Energy for Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is a perfect location to capture solar energy using solar panels. As one of the top places in the US with constant sunny weather, capturing the renewable energy of the sun is a logical approach to increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs. Even the chilly winters still have sunny days capable of heating solar panels to create energy.

Solar Installation

Solar Panels in Las VegasIf you are at the beginning of your search or have already decided to pursue solar installations, GVS Construction is a great resource for your next steps. GVS Construction has become a reputable supplier of solar panels by earning the most advanced solar license available in Las Vegas, NV (C2G NV #83309). The experience and knowledge of GVS Construction will ensure solar panel installation with precision and care including customization of solar panels to make sure each panel captures the most sunlight possible. For example, your roof may have an unusual pitch or facing. The experience and knowledge GVS Construction has with solar installations can ensure that almost all houses are able to fit solar panels in one way or another. Best of all, GVS Construction handles almost all the paperwork, registration and more for you, including:

  • Contact with your utility company
  • Communication with your homeowner’s association
  • Rebates or tax credit filing
  • Hybrid battery backup system installation
  • Monitoring of solar panels 24/7

Commercial Solar Panels

While commercial solar panels used to be just for large corporations looking to improve their image, many companies of all sizes are discovering the advantages of adding a solar installation to their buildings or land. The flat roofs of many buildings can hold many solar panels and take advantage of the best angles. This is true for all types of commercial solar panels including those on multi-family dwellings or ground installations. The image projected through the use of commercial solar panels – advanced, energy-efficient, community invested and more – also helps attracts customers and tenants.

To harness solar energy for your home or commercial locations in Las Vegas, NV, contact GVS Construction today. We’ll start on your solar installation right away.

Renewable Energy in Las Vegas

Las Vegas experiences sunny days almost 85% of the year. Even December, which is considered the cloudiest month of the year, has 78% sunny days. Interestingly, summers in Las Vegas experience the largest range of temperature extremes, or diurnal temperature variation, in the State of Nevada due to the altitude of Las Vegas.  While highs can get in the 100’s, lows can reach the 30’s during this time. These bright and sunny days are great as a source of renewable energy for your Las Vegas home or business.